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Clinical Ph.D., Dream Analyst, Life and Professional Coach

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Dr. Karen Turner is a Clinical Psychologist enabling people from all walks of life to become more energetic, productive, successful, and fulfilled.

She completed two Masters of Arts at Columbia University, and achieved her Ph.D. at Yeshiva University. Dr. Turner has been awarded membership to the National Register of Health Care Providers, is a Senior Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners and is a Board Certified Psychological Diplomate specializing in Psychotherapy, Personal and Professional Life Coaching, Dream Analysis and Stress Reduction. She is also the creator of, the free psychological/informational online social network for baby boomers.

If you see this lady turning in a clockwise rotation,you are using the
right hemisphere of your brain.
If you see her turning counter-clockwise, you are using your left brain
Some people see both ways, but most people see her spinning only one way.
If you try and do see her spinning in the opposite direction, your IQ is above 160 which is almost genius.
Then see if you can make her spin one way and then the other.
Steven Novella, in "Neuorscience Comments" explains that you can see the girl spinning both ways by switching the brain's current.
If you don't see the girl spinning both ways, sign up free to, and learn how both directions can be seen.

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