February 3, 2009

Predator and Chase Dreams

We’ve probably all had one, at one point in our lives or another– a chase dream. We dream we are either being chased or running from something. Many times, we do not even know what it is or who it is that we are running from. Still, we run, screaming and panting. Run, run, run. Until we wake up and still have no idea what it is we were running from. What was it that we were supposed to be so afraid of?
Today the common belief is that when we dream we are being chased it is our subconscious mind trying to tell us something. There is something going on in our waking lives that we feel the need to run from. This could be some kind of stress or pressure or it could be something that we are hiding from others—maybe a vulnerability or maybe some social taboo. It can be a something extremely vague and perhaps not even fully realized by the dreamer. Your life, your secret, your career….you are in a state of panic and feel like you are losing control of something.
Sometimes, though, we know exactly what it is that is chasing us. In this case, the thing or person that is chasing us is still symbolic so something in our waking lives that we are afraid of. Is your boss chasing you? Maybe you are feeling pressured at work and are afraid of failure. Is your parent chasing you? Maybe you have unresolved issues or fears relating to childhood. Your pursuer represents something specific that you need to face.
I’m afraid that if you want your chase dreams to stop, you have to face whatever it is that is chasing you. Unless you have lucid dreams and you can control your own dreams, the only way to do this is to face your problems in the waking world. Find out what it is that you are running from and deal with it. Once you have done that your dreams should cease.

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